Q: Was driving great and then all at once the engine is gone at 125K miles. on 2001 Ford Ranger

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Repair shop does not recommend rebuilding the engine but replacing it. The truck was only worth about $2,500.00. Any recommendations? Someone told me Ford engines don't hold up.
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I have to agree with your shop. Replace the motor, but only if the truck is in great shape. If it drives, get your CAP (Consumer Assistance Program) retirement money, either 1000.00 or 1500.00 depending on your income.
What is consumer assistance program retirement money? I have never heard of this. Last June I had my transmission rebuilt for $1500.00 and then this past January I had to have my timing chains replaced to the tune of $1800.00. I sure could use a little help if its available. And if so how do I request it. Your help and knowledge on this matter is I greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Unless you really love this truck it is time to let it go. The less expensive repair would be to find someone that will install a used eng. Salvage (recyclers) companys are a valid choice. Most give a 90 day or more warranty. The 3.0 is not that bad of a engine. Even with the purchase of a used engine it will still cost you at $1000 to $1500. Try going to Craigslist, under automotive services to find an inexpensive mechanic to do the job. Ask for references, do a little reasearch. If the truck is in good shape I would fix it.