RepairPal Nationwide Warranty™

Nationwide Coverage - On Us

Experience freedom: RepairPal's Nationwide Warranty program extends the repair shop's local warranty to cover you nationwide - and it’s free anytime you use a RepairPal Certified shop.
File a Claim:
1 (866) 229-4353

How it works

Visit a RepairPal Certified Shop for Repairs
Simply register your repair to activate warranty coverage after any RepairPal shop performs a qualifying repair* for your car.
We've Got You Covered, Nationwide
If you're within 25 miles of the original shop, they'll handle the repair for you. If you're outside the range, search for the closest RepairPal shop and they’ll help you. Rest easy knowing you're covered wherever you're at.
Time is on Your Side
Your Nationwide Warranty will cover you for the same length of time as the shop’s local warranty, up to 2 years. To activate this coverage immediately, register your repair within 3 days. If you forget, you can still register for up to 30 days after your original repair, but your coverage activation will take 5 days to complete.
Register a Repair
We just need some basic vehicle repair information to register your repair.