Q: Warning lights didn't come on, white smoke behind me. 67000 miles only. Plz help on 2006 Scion xB

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It did happen just after an oil change,and the left the oil filter loose. That's what
The tow truck driver mentioned. I took it back and said it was impossible that it was their fault. They did look and saw I had 2 blown gaskets. How could this of happened?
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Did the tow driver see the loose or leaking oil filter? Next how often do you get your oil and filter servericed? Is it at regular intervals of 3000 or 50000 or more miles? What gaskets do they say blew? I agree it seems a bit suspisious that it happened right after oil change....but how soon did this happen? It is possible that the filter was loose or even more likly is wrong filter could be installed and leak or often the gasket that was on the filter that was taken off stays stuck to engine and when new filter is installed. 2 gaskets don't work and cause a leak. Accidents happen and most of the time are honest mistakes.
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