Q: Warning lights on 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

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Three warning lights appeared, but they don't stay on. Right now they come and go. The warrning lights are the ABS light, TCS Off and 4WD warning light. I am fearful of the cost to repair this. I am also concerned about finding a good and honest repair shop.

How long can I go before it is repaired.
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As long as the lights are on, you will have NO ABS , NO TRACTION CONTROL SYSTEM and possibly no 4WD. So I would say that you need to get this stuff addressed ASAP. As far as cost, well that is hard to say with out knowing what the problem is, but it could just be a defective wheel speed sensor, which could run about $125.

here are some shops :
Thanks. The lights come and go at this point. The earliest appt I could get with a repair shop was next Friday. Hopefully, the car will run OK until then - I have all my fingers crossed, LOL
My 2004 Santa Fe is doing the same thing. If you don't mind, could you reply with what the mechanic's told you was wrong?
Thank you. Did repairing the drive shaft fix the problem with the warning lights?