Q: warning lights on 2003 Pontiac Sunfire

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What does it mean when the battery light turns on on my dash?? It starts and runs but the light stays on haven't drove since it came on because I'm scared to. As soon as it came on the ac turned off. I have had nothing but trouble with this car and I bought it new. If it's not the headlights it's the power windows. If not that it's the power locks. Now I've got the battery light. Does anyone else have all these electrical problems?
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my sister has a 2000 chevy monte carlo, and all the time some random message will come on the info center, like low tire pressure. or the battery or alternator light will come on randomly, she would have these things checked and there would be no problem with anything. i think with certain GM cars that things like this just would happen. to be safe i would get it checked out if i were you. but knowing my sisters car random warning lights can come on with nothing wrong