Q: want start on 1999 Jeep Wrangler

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driving down interstate, check engine light came on, pulled off the next exit popped hood, nothing, not hot, smooth idle, all gauges good,drove to gas station about 5 miles shut off filled up, turns over good but want crank? things ive done in last few months: new engine put in, new fuel pump & strainer/filter, i turned key forward you can here the pump primine, checked fuel rail theres fuel in it,, had computer read it said not read the crank something like that? so tried new crank censor, and ignition coil pack, still want start? this guy thinks the magnet fell off the fly wheel? i just feel like if that happened it would have stopped running before i turned it off? or run funny? im thinking something electrical? its been ticking(not knocking) like an electrical ticking on passenger side of engine, only here outside on that side of vehicle, rev engine;it only gets faster not louder? any help would be appriciated thanks paul
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The check engine light indicates that the computer has detected a malfunction in the engine/emission control system and has diagnostic codes and data stored which would be essential in diagnosing the problem.
A technician with a scanner could access the diagnostic codes and data and then be able to give you a diagnosis.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you: