Q: VSC lights on on 2003 Toyota 4Runner

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Check eng and two VSC lights on. Mechanic replaced O2 sensor and all lights off. Drove for two days and VSC lights came back on. Mechanic says more testing required at additional expense to diagnosis any suggestions.
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Wow. Time for a new shop. It could be that the Check Engine Light coming on causes the VSC light to illuminate, but if the tech changed an O2 sensor and you're still having problems, it probably means that he didn't diagnose the problem correctly in the first place.
Ya know... I'm so f'n sick of ignorant idiots always just looking for reasons to ASSUME why the last mechanic to touch the car was wrong. matte, your just another type of hater. You f'n prick! The vsc lights will come on any time the check engine light comes on because almost every drivability system on the vehicle correlate and work together. If the check engine light is now off after the 02 sensor replacement, then it sounds like you have multiple issues. That would be why the shop wanted another diag fee. It just sucks having to dump more money into a vehicle. But, I'm sure if the mechanic was to find that the reason is due to misdiagnosis that he would have credited that diag fee back toward the repair.
Go to Oreillys or Autozone and borrow their OBDII SCANNER Get the codes and research on Web
Then your more informed and not just having a mechanic toss parts at it! A good mechanic diagnoses
And pinpoints the problem!