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Volvo V70 XC (14 Reviews)
I bought my car in Buffalo NY in 2005 just off lease low mileage. I imported it to Canada..I live in Toronto. I have had to use a US zip code to post this.
The car has been the winter I love to take it out after it has just snowed. I have Swedish brand snow tires..drives like a tank through the snow! Lots of fun.
With our pot holes during the winter I have occasionally had to do some suspension work. I have just done the front brakes and new summer tires. I am very pleased with the enjoyment we have had with this car with minor repairs and maintenance.
It feels safe and is very comfortable. It has 95,000mi on it as of today.
We hope to keep it another 5-10 years.
118k and going strong. Quiet, smooth, fast and great on gas 21/27 New transmission @98k 3200.00 but that's the breaks (lots of cars need trannys around that mark or sooner). No other major failures to date. All factory suggested maintenance completed by me which has saved me more than the Transmission cost. Build quality is superior no rattles squeaks or strange noises. No intention of ever selling it, best car I have ever owned.
Eight years of ownership, it's the kind of car you hate to part with, very comfortable, Great car in snow, great for all seasons, maintaining the car has been expensive averaging about $600.00 per year by Volvo, not including oil changes, tires and replacing transmission, 198,000 miles on the car and it's still like new and why not, I keep it maintained... most expensive repair was replacing transmission at 183k, transmission flush was done by Volvo prior to 100k and 150k, transmission failed at 183k, replaced it with new from Volvo at about $4000 installed, latest software,and two year warranty, original transmission is two stars at best and will fail even with the flushes, by far this is the biggest watch out for used Volvo X/C.
Perhaps if car had been maintained properly from the start it may have been a decent car. I purchased this car off craigslist & the man lied about everything. I paid $1500.00 and within a 1000 miles have sunk $1,600 into it & still have no air conditioning, no cd, and elec. problems. Ck. eng. lights can be a expensive ghost hunt, even at volvo drls. Now the mechanic is telling me it has cooling problems & my only hope is some cheap tablets thrown into the radiator which will hopefully curtail or clog up the head or gaskets & save the engine from cracking all together. The older Volvo's were spectacular especially the 240 series. I think it may be time to switch makes. Yes motor mounts, lots of emission problems,squealing brakes, head gskts. seem to be a problem with this model.

We just bought this car with 117000 miles. The car is very good shape some times the trany harsly change gear other times smoot like butter. I have change the rear hub very easy!!!! Only one things some times the A/C fan sty on even after remove the key from the ignition!!???? If any body figure out please answer!! Thanks Other wise great car!!!
I Bought this car 6 months ago with 42000 miles on it. What a GREAT car!!! I have replaced the sway bar link, new tires with all wheel alignment and changed the oil. This car is SO comfortable and fun to drive. I have put 15k miles on it and have enjoyed every mile. Much better than a mini van, I haul kids with sports equipment, and band equipment with ease. We have taken this car on 4 wheel drive trails in the summer and skiing in the winter. NO problem. May have to give this car to one of my kiddos but will replace with new XC70.
The car is great too drive and is very smooth on the highway. The interior is well laid out and shows elegantly for the driver. The maintenance costs will drive you insane though, or mechanics try to rip you off because it's a different type of vehicle.
Plenty of annoying problems with this car. Owned since brand new, did all maintenance as recc. Like the other guy I needed an abs module, a throttle control module, TWO ac evaporators , upper strut support replacements, electrical relays. Have had to take it in for problems with side airbag sensors, multiple electrical problems of relays and switches. Now have a check engine light indicating a major vacuum leak. There have been other things I haven't mentioned, like turbo return leaks, radio failures, headlight wiper failures, etc.

While there are many things I like about the car, such as the interior space, safety and look, I can't imagine ever buying another Volvo given
this awful reliability of so many varied components.
volvo with greartronic transmition are the worst serie of this car they not supost to instal japones transmition on this car
I bought a 1999 V70 XC new in Sept. 1998. It has 92,150 miles on it. It's been garaged and is in pristine condition. It is a great all around vehicle but they don't make Volvo's like they used to. So far, I've had the evapoator core replaced (about $2000): the ABS module replaced (over $1000); Driver's window switch replaced, Moon roof electrical problems plus a radiator leak. Now it's at Volvo for at least a blown intake manifold gasket ($ TBD).
I recently purchased a 1999 Volvo V70 Cross Country that has 81K original miles. It appears to be in excellent condition inside and out except for a small oil leak at the turbo return pipe. The dealer I purchased it from is repairing the problem. Since this seems to be a common problem and does not pose a major problem I am very pleased with the vehicle overall. I bought the V70 as a commuter car and drive 98 miles round trip each day. Mileage is about 22.5 highway with 87 octane fuel. I plan to try 91 octane on my next fill-up to check for any significant increase in mileage.
When the car is cold and shifting to drive, there is a delay before going into gear. After the transmission has warmed up from driving the problem seems to go away.
this has been a highly reliable car, fun and well built
Overall its a sound car, very safe, minor electrical problems with two power door locks not working and emission light that has just come on. Gas mileage averages for local drivea around 20 mpg.