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I was driving and got on the highway & as I sped up my car started to make a rumbling noise as if the tire was flat. I was luckily (or I though lucky) to be near a Volvo dealer but I am now feeling like they are over charging me. What do you think?
Recently Volvo replaced my engine (Volvo paid for this) due to an oil consumption issue. After picking up my car, I noticed there was a vibration in the steering wheel column which was not present before the engine was replaced. Volvo performed a software adjustment which eliminated the vibration issue. The morning after I picked up my car,I got a bulb failure warning but the warning went away and did not come back. Later on that evening, I turned my car on, put it in reverse to back up a little, then forward, but the shifter was loose and not catching gears. I turned my car off and then turned it back on, but it wouldn't start. The Volvo Service manager informed me that the ignition switch and shifter cable are broken and need to be replaced. The manager seems to think the towing company may have broken the shifter cable. I asked if the software adjustment could have caused these parts to break. Volvo said no, but I have a hard time believing that they are not. My biggest concern is that if a faulty software upgrade did cause these parts to break, directly or indirectly, what other issues may I possibly be dealing with in the future?
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