2008 Volvo XC90 Questions

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cooling system and thermostat is good the air mixing door is not working
First time today
It took a couple days but the Volvo dealer said that the sensor is not telling the correct speed to shift and would have to change the whole transmission. They also said the transmission was trowing many codes. Car drives great but shifts rough. 168,000 miles but I just purchased the car. Divorce so can't buy new one. THANKS!!!!!!
I just purchased this car due to my divorce and has too many problems to mention. The car shifts so rough from 1-2 or 2-3 and reverse order, it sometimes barks the tires. What is my best bet. The air won't work. The blower will not blow anything out the drivers side. SRS airbag light on on drivers side too. Thanks!!!!!!
My air compressor has gone out 3 times in the last two years. It's failing for the 4th time and this last one was put in by Volvo mechanic 2 months ago. It has to be something other than the compressor - Volvo has installed 2 out of 3; will do the 4th one as well. What can be making the compressor fail repeatedly?
I have determined that tranny is not locked due to parked incline etc. Rocking does not work.
Have cleaned out bushings in shifter housing no effect.
What does work. Locking or unlocking doors via locking button on driver door cluster. Sometimes even opening driver door works.
I have had issues where door lock button doesn't work and I have to use remote to unlock doors.
So a page from NCIS, no coincidence, what is broken in the door lock/ignition switch/transmission circuit?
screen seems blank and a white light shoots acress. map system still works
I have replaced the bulb twice in 3 days time and it went out again.
My bofriend bought me this car in december. It is a 2008 XC90 V8 volvo. For some reason we cannot get the back end opened. When we first got the volvo there was no problem with it but now we are having to put everything over the back seats. Is there anotherway of opening the back up? Also I wanted to ask you has anyone else ever brought you in their volvo to get the side miorrors replaced? Both of mine fell off within a month after we got the car.Callrd origonal dealership told me it happens because they are heated mirrors. Ever heard of such a thing?
wet ( when it is raining). When it is dry ; the breaks work just fine ?
When the car starts it takes a while to cool. When in traffic and sitting idle the car temprature goes up. When you press the gas after a few seconds the car begins to cool again. Never really getting cold. Check the freon level to see if it needs to be recharge, level is fine. Compressor is clear and the fan is blowing.
car has 68k miles
Did see some fluid leakage on the ground, looked as though it came from a transmission cap that was not on properly. I don't want to get stuck with a giant bill for work that doesn't need to be done.Message light says drive slip needs adjusting. i am going on a trip and do want to be safe but would like to have a couple of bucks left over for fuel cost.
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