2006 Volvo XC90 Questions

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The mechanics also found metal shavings in the motor... the car runs perfectly. The noise is just a little nerve racking.
my cover for the headlight washer cover broke
2.5 L 5cylinder 2006 Volvo XC 90 drives fine at times but loses power at other times and shuts off. Can wait about 30 seconds truck restarts and the process begins again. Found water in floors after large amount of rain. Truck had this issue before rain occurred. Codes P0089 and P0087
radiator busted, replaced that and water/pump. Now Car doesn't want to turn over, but When it does, it runs Fine . gotta pump gas and catch it. "Best way to explain"
got new fuel sensor and new fuel pump
I allowed someone to take out factory radio to install store brought. Now I can't control driver and passenger windows. My sunroof control doesn't work. My air nor heat want come on. My interior lights want come on when doors open. I also can't use my key pad to lock and unlock doors. What could be the problem.
Check Engine light is on and will occasionally go off but returns eventually and is on most of the time. I cannot obtain an emission test for my registration.
I just bought this vehicle but the ignition won't releasebthe key whats wrong with it how do I get the key out
I have had a rebuilt transmission put in twice. BOTH times we have a “stutter” (not a slip) from 3rd to 4th gear. Even slipping a little in the 1st to 2nd (that is new to me but figuring it is part of the overall problem with the transmission). I can go around the stutter (some times) if I gun it and avoid the 1700rpms in 3rd gear. HELP We are 10,000 dollars upside down on this car so trade in will realllllly hurt. It obviously isn’t the transmission. Have you had the problem and what fixed it? THANKS
Even if I go through puddles very slowly, I still lose the power steering. I had it looked at by my volvo repair guy and he said the power steering line looks good and doesn't know why it happens.
A new battery was put in less than a year ago and thankfully still under warranty. It recently went dead without any warning lights until the very last minute and it went dead. Took it to a mechanic who put in the new battery he tested and said it was good but to give it a 10 hour charge (4 amp). Worked fine and saw no issues until 3 weeks later it just died suddenly again withou warning until it was just about to go down. Mechanic advised that Volvos have too many modules to determine if there is one putting a drain on the car. Not sure what direction to take.
When left flasher or hazards are on computer warns me driver door is open and driver door lock becomes unusable. If I lock it manually the alarm goes off but if I signal a left turn the alarm comes on again. The alarm will go on and off as driving.
I removed turn signal arm cleaned out contacts. Because of door lock issue I'm not positive that by replacing turn signal arm will solve issue? Any ideals guys?
The bolt associated with my alternator pulley broke and the option is to repair the other pullies too however there is no sign of wear. What is the course of acton best supports the future maintenance plan.
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