2005 Volvo XC90 Questions

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Radio/CD player worked great yesterday on 1.5 hr drive home. This morning it comes on for about 3 seconds when powered up then keeps shutting off. Any coincidence, my park assist has also stopped working.
Key wont turn in ignition
The car surged forward 3 times as I pressed down on the brakes. I hit the car in front of me at a stoplight and pushed it into the car in front of it. I then applied the emergency brake and put it in park. My passenger witnessed that I did not have my foot on the gas. It seemed to hop like a jack rabbit. Mechanic hasn't found the cause yet. He said no codes came up.
I have 2005 Volvo 2.5 turbo , it's been stalling out, sometimes hard to start
Today the words REDUCED ENGINE PERFORMANCE appeared on the dash message center ,so I took the car down to advance auto and the code PO727 saying wheel speed sensor came up , can a wheel speed sensor cause it to stall out? Or at times be hard to start?

Advance had the wheel speed sensor for $32.00

Is it expensive to have sensor installed ?
When my car is park for any period of its hard to get out of park. Brake petal feels like it doesn't build up much pressure. If that's what releases it?? But I do heard a click near gear shifter when brake is pressed to put in gear. Any help? Thanks!!
Mechanic ran diagnostics, checked hose for leak, cleaned intake valve, replaced crankshaft sensor. Still does it - but only when my wife is driving. She gets mad when I say the car just hates her. But could it be that her ignition key is bad? Or what else could it be?
After my local repair shop changed te oil and replaced a broken dipstick, the message read out for mileage went from 16 to 13 in only a 4 mile maximum time. It does actually seem that the gas is flowing faster than usual. The car has 171,000 miles. I just put about $5.5K into it for A/C compressor,BCM + download, clockspring, left front O2 sensor,front spring seats, front control arm bushing, battery and radiator. I have a K&N air filter, live at elevation, 7,000' above sea level.
it seems to happen after its been moinving for awwhile
2005 XC90 front defroster just started blowing at about 50%. Took it to dealer who said there were not diag codes and it appeared to be working. It is not working, it takes about 20+ minutes to defrost the car - when it used to blow hard air and clear almost immediately. He compared it to some random Volvo's (newer) he had sitting around and said "see, they all sound like that", til he got to one close to our age and it blew hard like ours used to. What could be the problem here?
Is this a fuse or actual light that needs to be replaced? Anyone else with this problem?
Is there a recall on this poor design?
I live at the coast in the middle of no were.
Have any Idea how to get my car unlocked.?????????????
This is the first time it has happened. I bought a new battery about a month ago.
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