2004 Volvo XC90 Questions

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I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 turbo. The first sign was low coolant. I checked and it was boiling. Then before I could get home it said low coolant stop engine. Again I checked, it was boiling. Then the antifreeze starts leaking and I was told the radiator had a small hole in it. Now my car never over heats BUT the coolant in the reservoir is HOT!! When I took it to the shop,and I explained how the coolant is boiling hot.He said it wasn't a good sign. I'm a single female and I would kind of like to know what the problem is so I won't end up paying for things that isn't/ wasn't really needed. Please help!!!!!
I have attempted the drive ten miles pull over and let the car idle for one minut then proceed another ten miles and idle for another ten minutes then park the vehicle. This process was done twice and I am still being told the vehicle needs to be driven more.The vehicle was driven from Brooklyn to exit 44 on the LIE and back.
good and smooth shifting,when I put the truck in reverse or drive it will not move at all. It makes a loud metal-grinding sound(louder in drive). I am wondering would that be a transfer case problem?
It has happened a lot especially when it is cold but now it is warmer and it won't come out all.
From a cold start I hear a somewhat pronounce mechanical clunking noise that seems to dissipate as the car is driven..and then no longer heard. It has been at Volvo dealer service for two days now and they are unsure as well.
Jacque had a similar complaint and hoping she found an answer.
This light has been on since I bought the car two weeks ago
brought it in for this service in Oct 2013 they replaced the thermostat on 10/10/13 and it has had the same issue and same message pop up every few months I have brought the vehicle in on 5 different occasions concerning this and yesterday i was told it would be another $500.00 to run a diagnostic test to determine the problem i have already been charged over a $1,000.00 for a problem that is still not resolved
The only problem we have had is getting it into gear when parked on hill, and when service light showed it became sluggish.....
Foot hard down on accelerator made no difference at all. Felt as if car was struck in second gear. Worrying. Happened to me when overtaking lorry and I just couldn't get past it. What could the problem be? No diagnostic code appeared. Has only happened a couple of times and the problem didn't last more than a couple of minutes.
It will fold to the 45 degree position but at that point, will not fold any further. The wire on the plastic release handle on the rear of the seatback came loose from the plastic bracket so I used pliers to pull on the wire but the brake would still not release. Is there a way I can bypass this system in order to get the seat in the horizontal position? Thanks
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