2004 Volvo XC90 Questions

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Where is locate the Power steering filter

I have a bent piston rod how much would it normally cost

My heat doesn't work and the water only leaks under the driver side slowly while I'm driving

I don't have any details to add. Just a question :)

Drives fine initially, then once I stop and turn it off and attempt to restart it, it shuts off when I put it in drive. Over and over...about two to four times before I can continue to drive again

what can cause this problem

What are the cam marks set to when changing a timing belt on a Volvo xc90 t6?

When applying the brakes, it feels bumpy. Got new brake pads March 2015. Car used for recreation only.

so just pulled into parking spot and could not move- any further than N. Just purchased from private dealer with warranty but this was my second day out. A bit dangerous- I had just pulled into car lot where I purchased and they gave me loaner and took car- without saying much. help

Washington State (Puget Sound Area)

When you are driving it will shut down the dash lights up you turn on the flashers pull over to a safe place out of traffic wait about will restart and go you never know when this will happen so you are always on guard. Sometimes two or three times while driving, and this is a major safety problem so I stop driving

I'm unable to locate the exact part numbers for my vehicle

I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 turbo. The first sign was low coolant. I checked and it was boiling. Then before I could get home it said low coolant stop engine. Again I checked, it was boiling. Then the antifreeze starts leaking and I was told the radiator had a small hole in it. Now my car never over heats BUT the coolant in the reservoir is HOT!! When I took it to the shop,and I explained how the coolant is boiling hot.He said it wasn't a good sign. I'm a single female and I would kind of like to know what the problem is so I won't end up paying for things that isn't/ wasn't really needed. Please help!!!!!

I have attempted the drive ten miles pull over and let the car idle for one minut then proceed another ten miles and idle for another ten minutes then park the vehicle. This process was done twice and I am still being told the vehicle needs to be driven more.The vehicle was driven from Brooklyn to exit 44 on the LIE and back.