2003 Volvo XC90 Questions

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The disc makes it not run right it will run for a sec and then you have to start it over take disc and do it again how much to fix
intermittent problem; sometime car shutters at 80mph and must slow and drive below 50mph to avoid continued problem
My right window mirror and lock wont work but all the other windows and locks work form the drivers switch .
My right turn signal blinks fast but all bulbs work . It says right bulb needs replaced but they all work .
No Problem yet .
Sometimes will now but won't leave park potion into revers or drive
Why is Reduced Engine Power coming on the info pad, and it blows out white smoke from the exhaust. Is this a bad turbo booster, or is it something simpler. This occurs intermitantly
I can start this vehicle, but after a while this Reduced Engine Power will show up on the info pad. the care will blow out white smoke, and while on is hard to start.
I had them all repaired at Big O tire co. They just break without noise or warning. 2 replaced in 2 months.
Hi where is located the transmission module computer I need to replace that thank you
I need the transmission replaced on my '03 xc90, as it failed at 140k miles. I was told that there is a near zero success rate for replacing it with anything but a brand-new transmission ($8,000), due to it's computer programming requirements. Anyone know anything about this? I have a mechanic who's offered to put a used one in for me, but am nervous about taking the chance. I should add that the whole power steering system will need to be replaced in the near future ($3,900). BOO on Volvo! I'll never buy another. Thanks!
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