2012 Volvo XC70 Questions

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Got a dashboard message that AWD was disabled and needed service. Took it to dealer and they "supposedly" fixed the problem. Car would not start four days later, back to Volvo where they fixed software because something was not turned off and it was draining battery. Four days later, getting a "low battery" message again. What are they not doing right?
This error message began appearing in the media screen just recently and will overlay whatever is currently on the screen, such as the back up camera. I can see the edges of what is in the background. I do not use the CD player, never have. Sometimes the error message goes off sometimes it stays on. I have also had issues changing the channel when on satellite radio. It locks in on a channel and will not change. I have been on 6 hours trips and it stays locked the entire drive. Screen goes blank when I turn the knob to change channel while current station still plays. If I drive for a moment then turn the car off and back on I can change channels and it works as normal. My Volvo dealer in Atlanta has no idea how to fix.They have changed out the Sirius radio box but it didn't fix it. So I have lived with this since it was brand new.I wonder if the issues are connected.
Should i use 4th gear for highway driving, or just stick to Drive in automatic?
If the light comes on, which tire is affected and how dangerous is it to drive?
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