2007 Volvo XC70 Questions

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my 2007 xc70 died and i am waiting for a road side assistance. the engine seems to be extremely hot. Anti freeze fluid is full.
when the car was idle right before it chocked it was coughing.
All lights came on before the car died.
i just started the car, and the car started fine.
what the heck is wrong?
Hi there! I just got news that my handed down to my daughter 2007 Volvo XC70 has to have the headlight module replaced for $1100!...the headlight works when she turns on the car, but promptly goes out, and only affects the right headlight. Anyone have this problem, and does it sound correct AND the cost sound fair? Thanks in advance for any input!
Replaced MAF after 11 months. Any help? Thank you!!
Car jumps somewhat when code comes on. Any help?Thank You!!
I want to connect a trickle charger on vehicle as it won't be used for a few months. The instructions on the charger requires the need to identify the polarity of the battery posts. They say that most vehicles have the negative post grounded. Is that true with the 2007 Volvo XC70??
The car has about 67,000 miles, a P0101 code came up and I changed the MAF sensor, all was good, idle was back to normal and not sluggish. then about 1 week later a P2178 came up. I checked for vacuum leaks and found none. Ran a bottle of Lucas injector cleaner through the tank and then put a new upstream O2 sensor in last weekend and the P2178 code has come back?????? What are next next steps to take?
I bought a CPO Volvo wagon mint inside and out, dealer recommends semisithetic oil, volvo manuel say you can use either semisenthetic or full senthetic, which is best for life of the car. Also should I change the trany fluied, dealer say wait till 90,000 miles. Thanks.
My ignition key will not pass 1 to start car. The car is in park. Ignition key will not turn to start. Any suggestions to solove problem?
I was told by a local mechanic that my car called for a transmission service at 52,000. Is that true?
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