2004 Volvo XC70 Questions

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Gauge was accurate twice, only shows half full on fill up.
The transmission is acting exactly like repair pal described. Suggesting software update.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When a.c. is runing seems it puts additional stress on tranny
How long have you had this problem? Just noticed it 2 weeks a go (just bought 2 months ago) my 5th Volvo wagon
Front seats torn at seams. Thermostat broken. A few other signs of interior wear and tear. Running not badly but repairs getting more frequent. Wonder if it's worth it to keep putting money in, or time to bail?
Heat working ok coolant fan staying on
I bought the car 3 weeks ago from a man who took good care of it, and report no problems with the car. Yesterday, all of a sudden it struggled starting. Took a few tries and then started up. I drove the car for an hour back to school, then again the car failed to start. The key turns over and it sounds like it's trying hard. NAPA tested the battery and alternator, and they said it is not the problem.
I forgot to mention that when I was driving it back to school, check engine, ABS, Brake, all lights are on pretty much the speedometer, odometer, rpm, gauges all do not work. Fuel gauge does work at least.
Cruise control, sometimes heated seats and 'W' winter mode controls don't work.
I am missing work, I am a student, I need this fixed, please help.

I tried jumping it, still wont start. I was getting lucky and it would fire up but then slowly shut off, no matter if I was giving it gas.
My abs light came on asking to bring car to a a stop safely.The was car driving fine for 2 weeks then one day after parking it would not shift into drive or any gear..The car was towed to the shop mechanic said transmission was bad...took car home to find a used TRANNY and avoid storage charges . day started car driving fine..After doing research found out issue may be ABS RELATED the ABS computer may have bad solder joints CAUSING the problem since brake system is linked to tranny ...Thinking about taking car to volvo dealer at this point ...
built one? Approx. Thanks
mileage. Manual says to change it between 104K & 120K. I have 101K...can't I wait, since it's not giving me a problem?
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