2001 Volvo V70 XC Questions

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Key gets stuck in position "I" and will not come out,
I've heard there is a cable from the shifter to the ignition that might need replacement?
It is definitely not the button sticking.
what will make this happen
Has fuel pressure to rail, air and spark. Injectors won't spray into cylinders. I've replaced coil packs and injectors. I'm about to rip my hair out. Local shop said it could be security systems but.... any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
everything else appears to work, however starter no sounds
The transmission has been makimg a grinding/whining noise when letting off throttle driving down road

I had a new thermostat and a new radiator put in about a month ago. My usual mechanic can not figure out what it is wrong. Said I might need a new head gasket? Someone else said I dont because there is no other fluid leaking? Can anyone help? TY!!!
Runs with gas pedal pushed. But will not accelerate.Will not start unless gas pedal is pushed.
Why have I been quoted $400.00 for the dealership to do that: Only they can do the reprogramming I am told? It takes 4 hours isn't that a bit over expensive? Ina
The Brakes worked just fine before replacing the ETM and reloading the software. Now there is no power assist.
All the oil dropped out today had it towed is it a result of fixing the PVC stuff a seal ? Can a home mechanic do a seal job I'm scared help! Again I fixed oil trap & next day oil blow out near belts ?
trying to add fuel only pours out the fuel spout
I've checked all the bulbs and they are OK. I even changed out the left side. Could it be a relay? If so where is it located and where can I get a replacement? The problem occurs about 95% of the time. Other times it works normaly, like the right side.
I'm told they must replace mod. ABS system works fine
When I turn the AC on it runs fine for about 15 min and then quits. If i leave it turned off for a while and it gets warm in the card and then turn it back on it will work again.
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