2000 Volvo V70 XC Questions

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There is a bearing ? noise from the front differential (or transfer case) on the passenger side that that connects to the front wheel, and transfers power to the rear wheels.Can this part be removed, and rebuilt, or can the bearing be replaced? We will probably remove the unit, but I've been told by the dealer that the unit is not made anymore, nor are parts available for it.
Any suggestions?
Does this vehicle have an electric pump in the engine cooling system to continue circulation at engine shut down?
Automatic Transmishion 2000 VOLVO V70 XC CROSS COUNTRY,
No Reverse.
2000 V70 XC SE 200K on it and has the yellow sticker ETM aready in it
The Dealerships said something about a pressure pipe, and another said pressure plate. It seems that it has been a issue and Volvo put another external pump in the cargo space to cover the mistake trying to avoid recall. Can someone shed light on this common situation?
Not sure what else to add here. Just wanted to know if it can be fixed or do I need to replace the transmission?
the arrow flashes all the time.
wont start unless i give it more throotle than it sometime stalls could it be vacuum leak or etp.
ENG.4.3L, AW-42 TRANSMISSION 55,000 MILES ON CAR. I LOOKED UNDER THE AIR BOX AND BATTERY FOR WIRE CONNECTIONS BROKE WIRES ETC READ SOMEWHERE THAT WAS A PROBLEM AREA FOR THIS SWITCH. I ONLY FOUND THE TRANS SELECTION HARNESS. So no luck there Again I'm looking to locate the transmission temperture Switch. I know there are two switch's/sensors on the top of trans. Any help would be Great ! Thanks Everyone, Matt
Over last 2 weeks have had a stall and lack of power issues with my 2000 V70xc. Ran a scan and got these codes:

P1618 fault in lead between AW50-52 and Motronic 4.3
P0722 Output shaft speed sensor, circuit no signal
P1633 vehicle speed signal
P1238 turbo control valve

What are some possible causes for all these codes and is it an easy fix?

after how many miles should a turbo be replaced
One is resting on fuel line. Do I have to replace all of them?
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