1998 Volvo V70 XC Questions

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What could be the problem
The car wouldn't start then finally did, but tried shutting off when applying gas. I found 2 bad vacuum lines and replaced, but wouldn't start again. Got it started and soon as u try applying gas it wanted to shut off. After a couple of minutes it shut off and now won't start. Turns over fine and full pumps kicking on and i have fuel at the rails. I have fire from the coil to the distributor cap but none coming out of the cap. It dis this in february so I purchased cap, rotor, plugs, & wires from rock auto and installed them. Has run like a top until now. Is because the cap/rotor is junk?? At wits end and didn't wanna change the cap/rotor again if thats not the problem, but can't figure out what else it could be. Our caravan did the same identical thing once amd it was the thin pick up coil under the cap, but this one doesn't have one of those that I can see. Like I said, i have gas and fire to from the coil to the cap (enough to give me a heck of a jolt the nothing coming out of the cal to the plug wires. I'm gonna hook my computer up to it an see if I can get any codes turning the key to on. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
Car started out losing power steering and I pulled over waiting for the tow truck and things kept slowly dying and then the engine stopped. The car is dead.
before we got the car the dealer was given three hundred dollars extra to fix the all wheel drive. the car was making some really loud noise I brought it back there they looked at it said it was the Pre third member on the drive shaft and charged me $200 to replace it
If I keep the speed below 25mph it doesnt make that noise.
It sounds like someine is sanding metal. I had someone look at it but they only saw the bad cv joints. It is possible the cvs r making this noise? Its an awd and i put just one tire on not knowing u cant do that. Is it possible something else is wrong? If so what? I doesnt drive any diffrent just makes this loud grinding / sanding noise.
98 Volvo V70 XC awd 2.4 turbo is the make and model. First start of day is always a issue. Is this a common problem with this car and what is the fix.
Any idea of the torque settings for the brake callioer brackets and the allen bolts for the brake calliper please?
replace high beam relay
my car wont start and im not sure why i think its my alternator. when i try to start the car the first time it will turn over and run for like 2-3 secs and then turn off and when i try again it jus makes a ticking noise like my battery is but but at the same time i'll be getting a jump and that goes to show its not my battery.
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