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sounds like it is from the tire area
I had my car in the shop and the front wheels were removed, when I drove home there was a severe shaking in the front end and I found that the lug nuts were really loose and two had come out. I back tracked and found the other lug nuts but they had grease on them.
car overheated with no warning, temp gage remained in the middle.neck broke off radiator,dumped out.message read "pull over". I was on a 2 lane road, in traffic.Blown head gasket and warped heads.Not enough warning time to pull over. Mechanic told me that it did not have a volvo radiator in it and that volvo radiator would not have done that.Bought the car from Ford agency 1 1/2 yr. prior. still had car pmts to make. Why didn't my temp gage move up? Why didn't i have ample warning time? Was the agency responsible to inform me that an aftermarket radiator was in the car.Volvo radiators don't have plastic to break. Could there be an underlying cause that made the hose break away from the radiator? like maybe the fan or water pump or a sensor or thermostat failure. My car is the most beautiful car and I love my car. $$ is a big issue.Mechanic says engine is destroyed. What to do? No one will help me. Im unemployed cuz I care for my 94 yr old mom.This whole thing is really really sad. All I do is cry.
anyone, any clue. both side reverse light on all times even without key. changed switch, no help. I have to remove light bulbs driving without reverse light. Help ! Thanks
It sounds like it's coming from under the front.
I can't add date for a service. Mac OS Lion Safari 5.13. Can't type in the text box. Can't open to select from the calendar when clicking on the calendar icon, either.
Vehicle is spotless inside and out. It has all scheduled maintainance up to date and some. Owner recently replaced the rad due too a tiny leak. No accidents, no rust. I'm used to getting rid of vehicles with this kind of mileage. I have only ever had domestic vehicles. Your candor is appreciated.
Prior to this I was side swiped on the front right side pushing my car up onto the center median now also hitting the left side front tire. The right tire was sliced and $4400 on the repairs their insurance covered. PROBLEM: when i picked up my car after repairs, there was a clunking sound like loose nuts and bolts in the front right that was NOT there prior. I took my car back, they rechecked it and told me my bushings needed replaced and it was normal wear. WAIT A MINUTE! They were just fine before! Could being hit cause them to break or they just "happen" to go bad at the SAME TIME? They say its my responsibility to pay the $650 to replace them. SOMETHING SMELLS REALLY BAD HERE!
how mutch should this repair will cost replace the sunroof cables
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