2004 Volvo V70 Questions

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sometimes when i turn on the car it starts but many times is doesnt the n i keep trying and evenually it starts
The safety valve in the oil pump is broken and won't release excess pressure.
they r coming on randomly and without a key in the ignition. the switch is in the off mode. HELP
A shop scanned my car with a computer and it has twenty codes. How do I know what the codes mean ?
2004 Volvo V70R AWD
i get up too 60mphs on the highway and it jerks like there is not enough air getting to the engine or something. please tell me its not cat!!? car has 177,000 miles on.
mechanic said turbocharger blew out, oil in many areas, cylinder #4 misfiring. Can plugs, plug wires be replaced, and turbocharger removed and still operate care safely?
engine is running very smoothly. Only reason i knew I had a problem is the check engine light came on. I dont see oil leaking anywhere or on the ground at home.
the parking / position lamp socket is located between the turn signal lamp (corner light) and the low beam headlight cover. All owners manual and web sites reference parking / position light socket under the low beam dust cover. I can find not reference to a socket nor can I see how to release it in the tight quarters. The socket fits in a rectangular recess so twisting left will not work. I can feel no accessible "finger tabs" to depress and release. Any help or reference is appreciated. Note: this v70 is equipped with headlamp washers / wipers should this make a difference.
Finnes billig rep.del eller seviceverksted i Norge ? Pris?
2004 Volvo V70 intermittent buzzing/vibration near right quarter panel or gas port mainly while driving. Brake system is fine, including emergency brake system. Gas tank overflow at fill-ups... That is new. No change in fuel efficiency. No change in quality of operation. Just the intermittent buzzing/vibration...
The car is cutting off
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