2003 Volvo V70 Questions

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The brake pedal hisses intermittently when the car is running. sometimes depressing the brake causes it to start, sometime is causes it to end.
engine want turn over
Have change TCV but no efekt.Thanks
2004 Volvo V70 5 cyl Trim: the Temp gauge in the cluster is faulty and needs to be replaced. ALL else in the cluster is fully operational. The bi-metallic spring in this gauge became faulty due to the last cluster repair involving the repair of a faulty message display. Would like to replace the part and minimize expense.
03 Volvo V70 has 2 small vacuum hoses off of the air cleaner box. - where does the longer one terminate? It can reach to the firewall or engine or ???
Clock runs non stop like a stop watch-blue high beam indicator on dash doesn't work-trip reset does not work. These all seem to be somewhat related - is it a programming issue?
a high pitched squealing noise coming from inside Motor when we take off the oil cover the squealing goes away and engine runs rough.there's a lot of suction from where oil cover goes on .what do you think?shouldn't be that much suction on the oil cover? the squealing goes away soon as you take the cover off and soon as you put it back on the squeal comes right back.
not on an they do not have markings on cam?
were do i drain & refill my gearbox on my 2003 d5
My transmission regularly fails to shift from second to third gear, but will work when warmed up, usually. What would a replacement transmission cost if I couldn't repair the existing one.
Thanks CJ
I thought I was a car guy but when I went to change the plugs in my wife's V70 I can't seem to find where they hid them......Help!
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