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About 6 month ago, the clock start giving problems, doing it's own thing! Everything else worked wonderful. Two days ago, I got into the car and my indicator and warning lights area were going crazy. Warning lamp in the center of the panel were yellow and there was a message in the text window: Something about the 'airbag that needs checking'. I live 1.8 miles from work, figured I will go to work and after work will take it to get checked out. When I got into the car after work - the whole instrument p[anel was black. The only thing I get now when I turn the key; check engine light.
I really thought it was supposed to be lighter color than it is.. Sorry! Its my first car...

Also advised to get a block warmer.. Neither bit of advice is in my manual....thanks.
Recently serviced car i.e new genuine plugs,airfilter, fuel filter, engine oil. Will accelerate with no problems even up to high speeds but as decelerating to stop or turn revs go right down till it cuts. Will however start immediately.
Changed fuel pump and after driving car for 10 to fifteen minutes fuel gage went from 1/4 tank to 1/2 tank to empty and stayed empty
Battery went completely flat got no noise on alarm starts runs and rides well just no dash at all help ?????
How can I fix wrong code p0310?
no power what so ever
sometimes it seems to have to "rest" for 30 minutes to an hour, before it will restart
it will turn over but it takes a while to start up. and then it cuts right off.and by it being cold i have to get a hot shot to try to start it again and it still does the same thing
I can't seem to find any codes on either engines
My volvo, seems to have developed a leak of an oily substance that is making its way from the drivers side through to the centre of the underneath guard plate at the front of the engine bay. There are no aparent signs of leaks anywhere, although i have a few drip marks on my drive. its been suggested that its from the intercooler, but i am not so sure... anyone have any ideas please?
Thinking of buying 2002 V70 Volvo but it needs a new ECU and want to know whether it is worth getting fixed.

The car overheated due to an animal strike that damaged the radiator. There is no water leaking after the repair but I lose about a quart of water after driving about 100 miles. Water isn't coming out so it has to be going in.
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