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Have a 2000, Volvo v70 wagon. My 4 wheel drive wont work. How do i test the eletrical? Or do i test the transfer case 1st?? Any suggestions. Could use a differnt opinion, thanks for your time.
just ran a diagnostic test on my s70 2000 volvo and got 2 codes p0500 and p1670. what would the cost be to fix it.
Yes I have just changed the spark plugs in our 2000 Volvo v70sc and after I changed them it wouldn't start so please if you could help me because I need to have it up and running by August 3rd so that way we can go to Ohio for our family reunion
If a head gasket goes on these engines is the bottom end still in pretty good shape or replace
It overheated in the snow couldn't get to an off-ramp by the time I got off the thing was so hot it buried the dial an stalled. It bellowed black smoke out of the top of the won't start , it turns over but it's like it don't have no resistance
leaking near serpentine belt, alldouwn by passenger side. could it be pcv system?
discovered that my air pump relay (in fuse box) had been pulled. I'm concerned someone was trying to mess with my handbrake and with no air pump relay--my ABS brakes would fail. Is this possible? Thank you!
oil dripping on to cv and pipe.Had smoke from tail pipe, also rattling noise coming from it
Initially felt like a bad ball joint - like the wheel was bouncing around at 60-65mph. However, as soon as there was neutral or negative load on the drive train the vibration ceased entirely. Over 70mph the vibration became somewhat dampened.

The vibration has now become worse over the last several days and feels this way at all times above 20mph through acceleration. The car coasts perfectly with neutral load. However, has started vibrating with the negative load of deceleration.

This is not a wheel bearing. This is not a suspension issue(checked all linkage, alignment, tire balance). I have checked the motor and transmission mounts and they seem fine.

The frequency of the vibration bears no relationship to tire rotation or engine RPM. I've run it through all gears. Shifting is smooth. Frequency seems very constant without regard to speed or rpm.

This is felt through the vehicle chassis, not the steering wheel. Feels possibly stronger in passenger seat than driver's but only by a small percentage. Seems to come from center to center-right of engine compartment.

For perspective:
The vibration is no longer subtle. If this vibration were due to a bad ball joint, it would be a very bad, dangerous situation.

Car shows no diagnostic codes.

Suspect transmission, perhaps a shaft bearing.
Headlights only come on in 0 position, but then I have no dash lights. Headlights don't come on in =D position.
its the immobiliser aerial and i would like to know how can i clean it and what the plug looks like. please help me.
how to get the check engine light off
Who is best to purchase radiator from, onine or in person?
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