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hot or cold it goes into limp mode can last for ten miles or twenty yards there are no strange noises or any other indication went it starts but there is a sort of sound when it comes out of limp mode it does with a full tank or empty it can run for sixty miles or sixty yards when it is out of limp mode it will only rev to 4000 then starts to miss fire there is a small oil leak from the oil cooler at the back of the engine
there is no strange noise sometimes it starts in limp mode then clears other times it starts ok then goes into limp mode at times it runs for miles in limp other times it only lasts a mile or even less it has run for 60 miles with no trouble other times it can be yards.It seems to have started after I had to brake very hard hot or cold it makes no difference to how or when the problem occurs
the car has been in a front end collision. there are a few parts that either weren't replaced or not re-connected. the window and headlight washers aren't working what I need is a diagram of the hoses?.
i checked all the locks and the main light, nothing helped
when the car gets up to running temperature the power steeering becomes very noisy it makes a whining noise when the steering wheel is moved from side to side have checked the fluid level in the tank and all seems ok (its not noisy when first started only when hot )
power steering works ok but when the car gets up to temperature the steering makes a whining noise when the steering wheel is moved from side to side have checked the fluid level in the tank and all seems ok. ( not noisy when cold )
Recently, my 1999 V70 started losing power while driving. Would happen at any speed, rpm, temp etc. One (two?) cylinder(s) will randomly drop out and leave me crawling along until I can find a safe spot to pull over. Usually all it takes is waiting a few minutes and things will kick in again, and it'll run normal for many miles, until it randomly happens all over again. Sometimes it will run problem free for several hours/miles, but the problem always returns eventually, when you least expect it..!

I changed the plugs, and, for a few days, the problem seemed to be gone entirely. However, the problem is still there - only less severe and less frequent. The misfires and all out cylinder quits now happen about 1/10th of the time they used to before I changed the plugs, but they still do happen.

I inspected the plug wires and caps while changing the plugs, and they seem solid without any breaches. I did not remove the air box to take a good look at the distributor cap.

Is the problem in the distributor cap/rotor? Can a cap/rotor problem be partially alleviated by changing to new plugs like I did? Moisture in the dist. cap??

What do I replace next to diagnose this intermittent, annoying (at times dangerous)problem?

Thanks for any insight.

I had to disconnect my battery,now I need too reprogram my stereo.I can't remember how to do it.I do remember it being simple.
I had to disconnect my battery.I can't remember how to reprogram my stereo.Can someone tell me how to do it,I remember it not being too hard to do.
Is there a tag or stamp on the engine or in the bay?Also where the is the cabin air filter?
i would love to get information with this regards;
1)we changed the gear oil
2)the engine oil also
but the car refused to drive it fires but don't to drive also,their is a roundom indication of lead light in button (S, E, W) behind the gear lever also, on the dash board showing a arrow with light.
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