2005 Volvo V50 Questions

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2 owners, clean carfax
whe using the kep fob and locking the car it will lock but does not make a noise such as a horn blowing to signify to me it is locked
The AC works again after I am out of traffic. My mechanic has ruled out the compressor clutch. They hooked a meter up to it and found it does not get power when the ac stops working. To me it seems like something is getting too hot and turns off the ac. My mechanic is stumped. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I had a full front end replacement done 4 years ago. Lifetime warranty Monroe shocks\struts and other for what that's worth. I regularly rotate tires but seem to need all 4 replaced almost annually. What is my problem?
This happened without warning. My alarm light is off too and the alarm is sounding without warning at times. It has 95000k
The fault is intermitant, and power returns when acelerator depressed, there is no warning, the car may do 300 miles with no problem and then the problem will return.
Volvo mechanics cant solve this problem. The car has done 85,000 and has been serviced from new by Volvo garages. Other than this fault the car is in first class condition.
what repairs might be due or what will be coming up that will need replacing? Timing Belt for example and the est. cost.
engine codes: 1.P0031,P0036,P0030 come up for the Heater low voltage sensor. Replaced them and it blows a fuze and the engine light comes on. Whats going on-checked for any wires shorting out-nothing! could you give me any guidance. Many thanks. My Volvo has 65,000 miles, and engine check light comes on.
The service light on my Volvo V50 2.0D R Design Sport stays on even though a service or whatever is not required. How can I switch it off?
I was quoted 400 per axle with the part and it would take about an hour to replace. i need to plan for this repair in the next 2-3 weeks if possible is it alright to wait a bit?
i clear the check engine light , but the light came back on . right away , after clearing it . runs goods .when it is cold it chogs for a minute . i also have code 171 191 190 101 026, but the only that came back right away is 171, Thank You
My ambient air temperature sensor is sending error messages to the computer. I purchased a new one and need to have some input on how to get to wiring so i can disconnect the old one and re-connect the new one. The dealer said that his techs can do it in relatively no time. Im assuming that the wiring is accessible through the area where the tweeter is on the inside of the drivers door. I don't want to break anything though. Does anyone have any insight?
How do I change the spark plugs, please?
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