2004 Volvo V40 Questions

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a few month ago I bought a 2yr old Volvo v40 shortly after I noticed a squeeling from the clutch when holding/coming off the clutch especially on hill starts/traffic when it's under pressure(Also more frequent over time).
I took it back to Volvo who replaced the entire clutch under warranty but now it's back like 1 week later and Volvo want nothin to do with it saying it's just dust build up which is bs in a new clutch and nothin more they can do.
My question is what else could be causing it as I know it\'s not the clutch because it was replaced?Thanks
turned off wile running
Doesn't light up when I turn the key on, where would I start to look? I removed the gauge cluster everything looks fine.... all the other lights work,not sure where else to look,it doesn't show any codes related as I would think it would. Where else should I check?
Started the car, and immediately felt like the heat was on high. I looked down and noticed that the service light was on . I check to see if the heat was turned on, but it was not. After a few minutes the service light went out and the temperature went down also.
the problem occurs everytime the engine is stated it overheats after about 20 minutes and air pressure is building up in the pipes of the cooling system water is released through the filler cap when it get hot. the temp of the car heater stays cold but the engine overheats
How do I release the shifter knob to replace it? My old knob has a broken button.
I need to access to fuse box (the cigarette lighter blew) any thoughts? It's hard to reach at it. Do I need to unscrew the bottom panel to get to it? Thanks!
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