2009 Volvo S80 Questions

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What should I expect to pay to have a leaking windshield wiper fluid tank removed, and replaced with a new one?
I'm in the metro Portland, OR area.
Thank you,
As soon as I release the lever, it reverts back to low beam. So if I need brights, I must keep holding the lever. What does it cost to have this fixed?
My daughter drove my Volvo into a very deep puddle. It got stuck and had to be towed out. (It was partially submerged on the right side above the wheels for at least an hour). Water leaked into the interior and doors. The car is running, but I am getting messages about the active chassis and headlamps. Also, the radio will not turn on. There are gurgling noises when the AC/fan is on. Obviously, I will have to take it in somewhere. But do you think these messages are real or are the result of electrical damage? Or will things just "dry out" and be OK? Thank you.
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