2008 Volvo S80 Questions

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It has 113000 miles on it and I want to replace the timing belt if it has a belt, but if it's a chain I won't worry about it
the information center says needs servicing and some light needs adjusting.there a red light trangle on in the middle of the cluster.can i turn this off.the car just got service and is runnig great
does motor have a timing belt or timing chain?
Shift into park warning on dash, key didn't want to come out of ignition, was forcefully removed.
Per manual the fuse I need to get to is under a main fuse box in the engine compartment. I can see it but no instructions on how to remove the top fuse box to get to the second fuse box. How do i remove this top fuse box?
It happens after I park for 10 hours by the time it want crank at all ? Battery is new,start works well I already check it in auto zone what else I goon check?
When I turn on the radio I get nothing. When I turn on the vehicle the screen remains blank.
I replace the light bulb, still does not come on.
there is a rubbing noise, and the mechanic I went to thinks it is the awd system.
Lights on steady. Dealer "reloads codes" light comes on says book again for service 100 mile after Volvo's 30 point checkoff.
After turning off, the turbo fan normally runs, but recently it has not. Could this cause the heat to back up into passenger area and cause ice inside of car?
The AM reception has some interference or background noise. The FM and CD portions work fine. I replaced the rear window (with antennas) and that helped for about a week, but now the background noise is back. I noticed that Consumer Reports had a black circle under "audio" for my 2008 Volvo. Any ideas on what might be the problem here?
Loud sound right under the motor, it kind of sounds like if it is low on fluid on the transmission oil but whenever I put it on drive it is okay. On reverse the sound will sound only if I step on the gas lightly. Then when car has been hot all day won't sound any more only till MORNING agin?
Thanks hope any body rain into this.
I use a local mechanic to service the volvo, and he could not reset the message to have car services. I called the dealer, and they wouldn't tell me. Must bring car into the dealer.
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