2005 Volvo S80 Questions

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Replace fuel rail sensor. 05' Volvo S80./2.5. awd.
Cigar lighter socket won't work
No check engine light is on NOAA weather Service lights iits very dangerous when i have the kids with me
The remaining cylinders are all about the same and the compression is reasonable for the miles (155 PSI not warmed up) I know I have a valve problem or piston issue. Problem is the head needs to come off to resolve. Even if it is the valve problem lesser of the 2 issues. I'm leaning toward changing the engine out for one with lower miles. I have had 0 issues with this car since I bought it in 07 with 15K miles. The car is still in good shape everything works. I normally do everything myself timing belts/brakes/tunes ups/PCV system. I feel like I can change the engine myself but I'm curious what it would cost me to have someone else do it?
i can forward pictures of the damaged part and parts area if that helps with providing an answer, but will need email and/or number to text to
when warm the car shifts sluggish between 2nd and sometimes shifts hard, bucking like I'm rear ended. also when breaking i feel the down shifting, it's a automatic.I had the tranny upgrade and it didn't work
It has -95,000 miles and needs brake pads and I am told I must ALWAYS replace the rotors when replacing the pads on this volvo - is that true?
Shifter is stuck in Park. I can't find the overide release button. Already tried pushing on brake many times. Tried restarting car many times. i need to overide this safety feature.
When car was undergoing state inspection of board computer would not give any reading to state diagnostic computer
The driver door window will not stay up when I use the electric up button. Window goes up but when it hits the top it automatically opens again. How can I reset the top position so it will stay shut?
Everytime It start but burns of eventually
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