2004 Volvo S80 Questions

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I hear what sounds like a electric motor when I turn key to on postition. I've managed to be able to start car Everytime so far but sometimes it takes 6-8 tried. When it does start it starts without hesitation.
Why won't my headlights turn off when I turn off my ignition in my 2004 Volvo S80? They are staying on even when I turn the headlights completely off with the key in or out of the ignition
Any suggestions it has no sound or lights when button pushed
It is a text message
My car doesn't crank or start just click,new battery ,new starter, the key turns,all fuses and relays are good ,all my dash lights work my headlight(low and high) doesnt work no warning lights on car just air bag service urgent .....trying to go to work the car just dead
Car wont go into drive or reverse
I have a smell of gas when my tank is filled
What problems should I beware such as how often should the timing belt be replaced, front end bearings, etc?
one on pass side will, if you coax it 20 times. Drivers side no way. Rear glass was broken in storm, and replaced. Then problem started. Cannot be fuse because one side works sometime.
It sounds like the gas is not getting to the engine the way it supposed to
After installing new arm the window will not go up. Do I have to adjust the arm and if so how?
Hi guys,

S80 Transmission gets stuck on 3rd gear and speedometer stops function.

Is it electrical or mechanical issue? Any solutions?
All of a sudden car wouldn't go loss of power slipping
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