2003 Volvo S80 Questions

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I had a mechanic take out the instrument panel to check if it will work when replaced with another but still not working
that you can know how fast you going ,how much gas you have on the car and mileage does't not come on
this goes worse the longer car is driven oil is very dark goes very thin when hot got codes0100 control module faulty signal 503d diagnostic trouble in gearbox control module
only happens when taking off from a stop after driving a few miles, sharp spike then settles back down, thinking trans problem but really hoping not
It feels as if the car is in neutral position...shifting to 3 and 2 works and I am able to drive slowly and as if the car is in pain. One week ago, I had an oil change and topped off all the fluids. I noticed since then that coolant was leaking.

Any suggestions, please. Thanks
I had transmission rebuilt about 17 months ago. At the time the check engine light was on showing the transmission was faulty. Now I get this other code 0099 Control Module Internal Fault.
Going up mountain road sensor light came on transmission service urgent...was told to let cool and seems to be ok but light still on
Car has 71k miles and has been kept up. Car lived in new Hampshire until in Nov 2011 I brought it to VA Beach. I went to work one day, got done with to go leave and car would turn over but not start. So left it over night went back the next morning and it started. Drove it home parked it, went to start it the next morning would turn over but NOT start again. Messed with a few relays but they are ok. Starts intermittantly, mechanics say I should bring it to Volvo dealer, they suggest it could be fuel pump or computer, any clues?
I have had this car for 4.5 years, had 52,000 on it when I bought it and it now has 93,000. We have routine oil changes done every 6 months.
I've owned this car for about 1.5 yrs. I originally bought it from a local dealership with 72K miles. It now has 79K miles. I happened to check the transmission fluid, and noticed it very dark. I took it to the same dealership, and they said they would not recommend changing it because at this point, if they flushed it, it would likely do more harm than good. Basically I was being told to wait for it to eventually fail. I am considering selling it, and don't want to pass on a problem to someone else.
when engine warm (to temp) stats to whistle,,remove oil cap, subsides,,crankcase some what plugged ??what do i do.
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