2002 Volvo S80 Questions

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Drove fine until I changed brake pads now is erratic driving after reaching 40 mph
window will not go up
Then one day I parked the car never noticed a problem came back and started the car reverse would work but not D or 3rd unless shifted manually i was told it was most likely the computer due to the leaking in the car I'm not site but I know it's not the transmission because it works as long as I shift manually
I have done a tuneup, change the crank position sensor and the crank position sensor bracket. I have checked all fuses. Water and oil level are at operating level.
in the motor
My volvo has 120,000 miles and experienced transmission damages after being towed, what I believe was improperly (from behind while the car was in park), because the location of my parking permit changed with out me being properly notified.

I believe the two events are related, yet there is no "proof" and the towing company is refusing to pay for it. I have an invoice with the parts that were replaced, and the towing company says it is from "normal wear and tear" but it seems like a stretch.

I am wondering if 120,000 miles is "normal" for transmissions to have issues. My car has been taken care of since I owned it, so it seems very strange, as my family has always had volvos that hit over 200,000 miles with no problems.

Parts that had to be replaced include the torque converter, valve body, shift solenoid, transmission pump.

Please let me know if this can some how be argued that it was from towing, as I really believe it was and don't think that my failure to be notified properly is a reason for me to be out $2500.
60000 service coming up which includes replacing spark plug.Cost is a factor which one should have priority?
But i dont know how many parts, i'm seeing so many kits and each one has one more item then the other, Please help thanks
someone who did a job on the computer,the car did start a while and shut down again
part number for drive shaft
Instrument panel is not working gas gauge doesn't work rpm gauge doesn't work mph doesn't work fuel gauge is working. warning light is not working . Seat belt light is on and check engine light comes on
If I shut the car off, it will restart and act normal. the message center reads Engine system service required.
Repair cost?
i have a 2002 volvo 2.4 s80 my abs. Had abs trac control warning lights.Had diagnostics it said faulty speed sensor,replaced it with anew one, warning lights are still coming on after driving for a mile or so and still showing on diagnostic.A guy who says he can repair the module said modules are programmed to each individual car. is this right?
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