2000 Volvo S80 Questions

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When turning the key to start, nothing happens. Car will crank over when crossing the starter solenoid. All fuses and relays seem fine. Battery is fully charged. Dash lights come on. Headlights on. Mileage is 91000. Model s80, 2000
The interior fan comes on after the car is turned off, but not immediately. It only happens occasionally. I can correct the problem with turning the ignition on and then off again. What is the possible cause?
occasionally the high beam switch doesn't work properly. it will if I hold the switch on. it just won't stay on. it does this then the problem goes away and I'm not sure what causes it to start or stop.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? It is worse when I use the brakes
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
This car has been well taken care of, was my daily driver and now my daughter's daily driver. She was going to drive her and her friend to school this morning only when the passenger side door closed the Sibe airbags deployed. . Scared the girls real bad...they came out crying...the girls are just fine though. ..they no longer want anything to do with Volvo, can't blame them..
So what the heck is up with this? I have never seen this happen before on any brand or model vehicle.
Is there a way to disarm the complete airbag systems.
I would rather have none then one deployed for no reason, not a good thing while driving ... suddenly. ..BAM..for no reason. . I'm sure Volvo wants more to repair the problem then what a 2000 S 80 is worth.
Heater blowing hot turned heat blower to lowest level. Left truck running then heater quit working all together.
first my car wouldnt start so i got a jump and as i was driving down the street my headlights stopped working and all my warning lights came on now it feels like the brakes are on and it doesnt want to accelerate
I'm trying to bypass my ignition which was grinded out. I disassembled the switch but not sure what to do next. I just need my car to start. I don't have the money for new ignition w new chipped key.
the car wont start it turns over but dose not start , It has been raining here for 2 days
I have been fixing my Volvo a little at a time due to finances. I have replaced the rack and pinion and the air filter. And the fuel pump. When I drive her for longer than thirty minute the console and shift area get very hot but She doesn't run hot but yesterday she sprung a gas leak and I can't find the source. I had filled her up and put some Lucas fuel injector cleaner in as well. Drove about 3 miles and parked and saw the gas running out at the bottom. I waited for the gas to dry and the leak to stop. She was still on full and I drove her home. Not she cuts on but when sitting in idle she acts like she wants to cut off but doesn't.
Is there anyone other than the dealer that can do this?
I must add about a cup of fluid every day but it is increasing. My check engine will come on and I get a message to pull over and add coolant asap. Temperature gage doesn't indicate engine getting hot. I had to replace radiator, transmission connectors for hoses in and out of radiator, flushed and added new coolant.
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