1999 Volvo S80 Questions

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My 1999 volvo s80 2.9L non turbo has trouble restarting after warming up. When it does run it runs great. I was told it may be the engine coolant temperature sensor... ?
Car says there is an ABS failure and stop the car safely.
Is it possible to replace my ECM with one w/o security system? If possible, what do I need?
It's a 2.8L engine. I'm not sure where to begin.
Car starts fine. But when it warms up it dies. If you then restart it, barely runs and has no power at all.
Heated 02s? Is there a heater circuit for the 02 systems?
key is stuck in ignition and wont come out of park
all of the fuses are fine
3 codes of pedal no communication.
1 code boost pressure no signal.
1 code BCM no communication
Wrong with it ppc pgc either one not exactly sure yet but how much do these repairs cost and do u think I'm paying too much with these issues
I have a p1633 code, the message center says "brake failure, stop safely ASAP. car runs HORRIBLY at times, found out that if I remove the ABS module that the car will still run, removed it and car runs great! Ocassionaly it will miss and run poorly, if I disconnect battery and hook it back up it fixes the problem. I have since gotten a used module, however it gives me the same issues...does it have to be programmed to my car? is there something else I am missing? HELP PLEASE!!!
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