1999 Volvo S70 Questions

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the car wont go foward or backwards but can change gears
S70 1999 gasket leaking under the car maybe
Works great initially. Stops cold air when engine warms up. Seems the compressor is getting hot and cuts off quickly. Happens every time. Starts again cold after being off for 15-20 minutes .
I have to turn the inside light switch on to get lights inside vehicle.
When I let the car sit for a while it warms up to normal operating temp and heat in cabin is temp that I selected, when I drive it for a distance the temp gauge shows drop in temperature and starts blowing cool air. if I come to a stop it will go back up to normal temp and the cabin warms back up. smell a little hint of antifreeze too
uneven acceleration
Any help would be appreciated. Have already replaced the MAF
Has miss like bad plug or ignition problem everything checks out compression test is 0 comp wondering if valve is stuck open or spring failure
I have quite a lot of Volvo experience yet this one has me stumped. The engine was leaking alot of oil from the exhaust cam seal so I replaced timing belt all the cam seals. Replaced the oil trap and all the hoses also removed oil pan and cleared oil return in the block from the oil trap it was plugged solid. Replaced all orings for the pan. Washed the engine clean. At idle and normal acceleration dipstick stays in the tube but if accelerated hard the dipstick pops out and oil spits out and leaks all over. This has happened twice. I took the oil trap system back apart checking that all hoses and passages are clear with no problem found. What am I missing here?
Passenger side temp control knob froze in position.
Temperature control knob suddenly froze in position mid level preventing heat setting. No heat from drivers side vents. In extreme cold windows fog.
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