1998 Volvo S70 Questions

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Rear view replacement. Driver saide rear view mirror vandalized and broken
I have P0172 and P0455. PCV valve job already done, but I think I just need to replace tge Coolant sensor and Thermostat as sometimes the geat failed but comes on and work peoperly
engine could be turn on, but car cannot go forward or backward the shift is ok

What seems to make the problem better or worse? it is not moving when put on drive forward obackward
But the steering colum now all windowsradio ac headlights don't work hi beams do n car runs help
While driving on highway at times strong smell of gas fumes.
This has happened over the past year or so, and I changed both bulbs last winter.
tomorrow may get in and take off like nothing happens is this teh fuel pump hasbeen doing this for over a year told my daughter to get it fixed but looks like i will try and figure out where do i start Fuel filter ? then pump?
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