2013 Volvo S60 Questions

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I drive for about 15 miles and restart the car it stays off then only to come on again about 10 minutes late. at one time system shutdown. I replaced the battery with Volvo brand last night and light came on again? Help
when i put take off from a stop, the front wheels squeal, when I make a sharp turn the front wheels squeal. When I try stopping suddenly the feeling is as if the front brake pads are skipping over the part that helps the braking system stops. In other words I am afraid that if I have to stop suddenly, the breaking system will not work. properly.
Since most of my Volvos are standard transmission cars, I have always operated the brake and accelerator with my right foot. While I've never had a problem with my 200,000+ mi. 245 wagon, this technique has resulted in near rear end collisions twice in the last three months!!The problem appears to be that the brake pedal, when marginally depressed, is at the same height as the accelerator. Thus, when I rotate my foot to brake, it is 'way too easy to engage the accelerator as well! It seems that if I could add height (in the form of a thicker rubber pad?) to the brake pedal, it might solve the problem. I really don't want to embark on a crash course (no pun intended!) to learn to brake with my left foot (I still own 4 manual Volvos!). ANY HELP would be most appreciated! PS. I have size 10 feet5: surely others have experienced this problem??
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