2009 Volvo S60 Questions

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'spilt some coffee in the console that gummed up the linkage. problem looked at by local mechanic and volvo dealership. mess cleaned up. car still loses power and won't start up again. i read somewhere (and now can't find the site) that the underlying problem might have to do with a power module?
when brakes are applied, a grinding sound occurs or a thump, thump, thump.I was told brakes are fine, that it was due to a previous owner who strongly applied parking brake. Does this sound right.The noise is particularly obvious when car sitting, say overnite.Not as lound when it warms up...but the thump remains.Any guesses??
I also had 4 rear driver side light bulbs replaced recently ?? Is there a short in the wiring ?
Hi guys, i have an issue with my car, last year i bought a volvo s60 2009 in florida. The car was off for 8 months, i told a friend to start the engine every 15 days but, i think he forgot do it, so when he decides to start the engine, the battery was discharged, i think the alarm and other electrical systems discharges the battery, with the battery recharged, he starts the car, he told me that the alarm automatically activates the lights and horns begun to sound, he deactivate this with the remote control key. Now the flasher light doesn’t turns off. Any idea? The car is now in Peru-South America and the Volvo dealer only repairs cars sold in the country.
Right front panel has body damage from an SUV backing into it. Body shop estimate stated "not original manufacturer parts". Should I request Volvo parts? Will non original parts decrease the value of my car?
I have the 2.5 L Turbo version of this model. Recently, it has been running very sluggish. I just had an oil change 500 miles ago, and I alternate between 89/91 grade oil per tank fill up. The manual states that higher grade gas is not a requirement for engine reliability. However, the way it is driving now, it's almost like it isn't a turbo at all.

I made an appointment at the Volvo dealership here in Vegas. I see exactly what is going to happen. There will be something wrong with the transmission, and they will say it is because I am not using 91 gas. They already tried to tell me over the phone that 91 was REQUIREMENT for the engine, not a suggestion from the manufacturer for better performance.

Now it could also be because it's very hot right now in Vegas and I know that switching to a higher octane in hot weather can sometimes help.

Anyone else having this issue?
I am due for my 45K mile service. What should be done at this point? Also, what can I expect from an expense standpoint for brakes and rotors if needed?
when I turn key on
I have a 2009 S60 with 25k miles. On several occasions (including one while traveling 60mph) the "reduced engine performance" comes on and the car stalls immediately thereafter. First time dealer repaired a "sensor". Car is in shop and dealer can't find problem. We have had Volvo's (and have a 2010 XC70). We have lost confidence and feel uncomfortable with the S60. Suggestions?
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