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My car, 2005 S60R, threw engine code P0088 high pressure. A few days later it stalled on the highway, and would not restart. After sitting for a few days it started and ran for about 1 second, then stopped. Now will not start again at all. Trying to figure out if my fuel pump is bad, or if it is the PEM or pressure sensor on the rail? How do I determine which is bad so I don't buy unneeded parts?
shifting hard from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd
It sounds like it could be a loose head or im not an exspert but soon as you start the engine rattle rattle rattle no over heating does leak oil
Our Volvo was rear ended in February causing bodily damage to the vehicle and also caused the muffler and exhaust clamps to break at the welds, the car was not checked for engine repair only body damage at that time. we had the car body repaired by an auto body shop, the body shop drove it to a local Volvo dealer to have the exhaust and new muffler installed then drove it back to the auto body shop. we were able to drive the car to the auto body shop but after the repairs were made massive amount of smoke was coming from the exhaust pipe, the owner of the auto body shop told us we could no longer drive the car. We had towed the vehicle to a garage where they found the PCV hose had been broken, not sure how but assuming from the accident. we had the hose replaced but the heavy smoke continued and oil was dripping from the exhaust pipe. Now we are being told that it could be from the turbo charger and now we are experiencing major engine problems. Could anyone tell me if there is a possible association with the problems we are now experiencing and the accident from which we were hit from behind. thank you
vehicule wont start, first it started and runned a bit then stoped, i changed the gaz filter, i checked codes(elm) it gaves me evaporative system,oxygen sensor,oxygen sensor heat,catalyst monitoring, and wont start no more...
I was able to pull the gear down to Nuetral and Drive and it will not go back up to park and i cannot get the Key out, what should i do to fix the problem?
i checked all fuses on all 4 fuse boxes. i also changed the turn signal switch. 4 way flashers work wipers and the horn works. i also have no steering wheel controls
After driving in traffic, my transmission shifts hard. Started happening at around 20 mph when not pushing on gas but now it happens more often and at acceleration at any speed, even from a complete stop.
The car has now 68750mi on it. And so far so good with electrical parts but the passenger window keep rebelling itself.
This what happens: When commanded to close automatically, after the window hit full close it returns to open, like something is jamming it.
Visual check and nothing unusual with it.
The more curious thing about it, sometimes the right window does this too.

Sunroof never show this kind of behavior.

Battery is new, bosh 80amp.
It started a while ago and does it all the time. It does not have the pick up that it used to have. I don't want to hurt the car by driving a lot.
So i recently replaced control arm on passenger side due to worn bushing. I repleaced both front struts as well as ball joints, just as routine maintanance as i do have 160,000 miles on the vehicle. So ealry mornings no problems but afternoon or with increased drive when i turn to the right side i hear a sort of grinding noise.More of a noise that you would hear when playing cards would run along your old bike spokes... for those of you who remember the good old days. I do hear the noise when i turn to the left however its coming from the passenger side. Any ideas?
Just recently noticed, after I had new tires (all 4) put on, when trying to drive up my driveway (steep incline) the car has a thunking noise 3-4 times. This is something totally new with my 2005 S60 AWD Turbo. And I do notice a thunk noise when I start up from a total stop. Otherwise the car drives great on the highway.
Could it be something was disconnected when they put new tires on and replaced the front right tie rod?

Love this car, don't want anything to go wrong with it. Any help would be appreciated.
I was driving my vehicle 2 days ago and it just out of nowhere the engine stalled on me & the check engine light came on. I tried restarting and it wouldn't so I checked the wires to the battery and took a look under the hood. After about 15 mins I got it to restart and was able to drive another 10 mins when the same problem happens. Again it takes me a bit to get it going again b/c when it would start the engine would stall again when I put my foot on the gas. At some point the oil light flicked on and flicked off again after a bit of time. I let it run for 20 mins or so and decided to push my luck and try to get it home... which I did with no issue. I haven't touched it since I got it home on Saturday, today when I try starting it to bring it to the dealership I get nothing but the check engine light and a message which says time for regular service. Any ideas as to what my problem may be?
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