2004 Volvo S60 Questions

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Jurks in first to second
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worse when car has been driving after20 Minutes
How long have you had this problem? A few months
is constant, especially when I just start out, the noise is more apparent, and over bumpy areas
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing--is constant
How long have you had this problem? have had clunky rattle a few months but just noticed gas odor about week ago
I removed all bolts and the oil pans moves around, I just can't get it out from under the car. also how do you remove the dip stick holder.Do i have to remove any other brackets bc I dont see anything holdin it in. does the motor have to be lifted and if so where do i lift it from?
On start up ac clutch engages then 5 seconds turns off and doesn't come back on. Checked all fuses and relays good. Freon is correct. Original compressor
My car does not unlock when I press the key but the lights turn on inside. Last time I drove it went in limp mode.
When i reach 55 car starts shaking really bad and mostly when acceleratating .i put new axle on driver side 2 front bearings and i just cant figure it out can someone help please?
Has new throttle, new power steering pump, runs fine. Occurs all the time.
common with this year i know can't go smaller on rims large brake shoes. bumpy roads need to lift front end
I changed the hose but still having the same problem
The two hose pipes connected to the radiator (both at the top and bottom of the radiator) randomly and abruptly disconnects from the radiator thereby making all the coolant to pour out.

This happens unexpectedly and within intervals of less than one hour.

Kindly advise why this is happening and what should be done to permanently stop it from recurring.
how do i determine the cause and how much resistance should the crank sensor measure if suspected
on the front is it the tire or something
One day it was driving normal, the next day it started running rough. Mechanic said it wasn't sending any signal to the computer. It's basically brain dead! How did this happen? And can it b fixed fairly inexpensive?
SRS airbag service urgent - what does that mean. Anti-skid service required, what does that mean.
car still ran though was slow from a standing start to pick up speed again. would pick up speed. when I stopped and shut car off then restarted, all worked fine, however check engine is still on
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