2001 Volvo S60 Questions

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Was running fine. Parked it, battery went dead. Replaced the battery now it cranks but won't fire. Was told it is probably the immobilizer and will need to be reset. 240k miles

i am not sure it is my timing belt but if it is what is the average cost to replace timing belt.
Cost 176. $44.00 for oil and filter, the rest $ for labor
My 2001 Volvo s60 starts very well but when I put it in gear it cuts off immediately
key go in and make a ding sound but will not turn car on or release steering wheel
Normally this happens after the car has been run or cranked more than once but after it sits awhile it starts right up
Sometimes takes longer to start after it runs a little while
And the coolant fluid steams out. The radiator fans doesn't come on
Replacing fuses isn't working now pulled all fuses and replaced also when I start the car it doesn't want to start til I pump the gas already replace the battery and the alternator
Hesitation on acceleration then viberation.

It says that the Main Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold on bank 1.
I wanted to know what steps to take to fix this trouble code
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