2009 Volvo S40 Questions

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Cracked oil pan. Fixed crack, & filled oil. Tries to turn over, but won't start.
My keyfob batteries have been replaced, it is not the batteries. If car gets locked (from inside lock button), cannot unlock doors from outside with key fob NOR key. Likewise, trunk will not unlock. If I do lock my car from inside (on accident now), I cannot physically get back in without calling a tow truck for Lockout Service. SUGGESTIONS would be appreciated
The rotor wears just enough to create a small lip at the outer edge. How do you compress the caliper enough to get the pads out? I know you have to turn the piston to compress it but it's a catch 22 since you can't get to the piston until the pads are out and I can't get the pads out past the lip on the rotor.
Hello, just purchased a 2009 volvo s40 with 30600. this car just had 30000 mile routine service with diagnostic at 30300 no issues.never driving a s40 before not sure if this is normal or if its another issue. if it was something serious would it show up on diagnostics. thankyou this is worring me since it is a used car. it is still under warrantee but wanted to be sure it was a problem dealer is one and a half hours awoy. thanks again, Rob
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