2007 Volvo S40 Questions

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Ac works fine, but heater started only coming on sporadically and now will not get hot. Blower works fine.
Volvo S40 2.4L 5 cylinder. 5 months ago my oil light came on between services and the oil was completely empty. The car was about 3k miles from next service date. Took it in for service and shop didn't find anything. Less than 4.5 months later, car burned through another 6 quarts of oil. Took it to another shop and they did a cylinder test and it looks like two of the cylinders are leaking. Options given from the shop: 1. Sell the car, 2. drop in a new engine. Car has only 155k on it and has never missed a service. Can the cylinders be repaired without replacing the whole engine? This just seems very premature for a volvo.
How long have you had this problem? 4 months
Problem started after the belt snapped but did the needful now my car is leaking oil and some is coming to exhaust which is causing blue smoke and clogged DPF, I was told turbo pipe need replaced which was done & DPF done .
Car came from garage last Friday on Monday car light came up of oil level low which clearly indicates problem not resolved.
Car taking too much oil & leaking 5 ltr a month. On average 100/1200 km run.
What could be the problem.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Kindly advice
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
Doesn't do it if coming to rolling stop and brake pedal doesn't vibrate. Just a noticeable pull
Just bought 2 tires . I have them on the front. the car seems to drive pretty straight . maybe it pulls to the right but not seriously. Is it possible for a car to drive pretty straight and still be out of alignment?
I have a 07 Volvo s 40 I had been in a accident when I had the car body repair the car won't start or say anything everything work but won't start it say immobilizer see manual
Mechanic said there was corrosion but didn't tell specifics. What should I look out for and what areas would make it not worth purchasing the vehicle.
Car dumped all the fluid and will not reverse
I just got the car today and I am having some issues with the sunroof. Basically the buttons do not correspond at all with the correct actions. I have yet to successfully do anything but tilt and un tilt. I have never actually seen the sunroof retract. Even with the titling it was pretty random which buttons worked and were almost always wrong. I checked and replaced the two corresponding fuses just to be safe with no fix. I also tried turning the key a bunch of times in the drivers side which apparently resets stuff but that did not work either.
Just purchased a 2007 S40 2.0L diesel. I recently noticed that it's leaking oil. As I took the engine tray down to do an oil change since it's last one last April. I power washed the oil that was welded to the subframe before I left work to come home but when I got back I noticed it's leaking oil from the back of the engine, the flywheel seems to be wet from the oil. What would it be? The oil return pipe from the turbo? The oil filter housing O-ring is perished? Crankshaft seal is gone? The front of the engine doesn't have any oil in it not on the auxiliary belts. You can see up from underneath it at the back of the engine it's wet from oil.
I've had the left and right control arms replaced, as well as the front right strut. My mechanic has looked it over several times. He can't find an explanation for the noise. It occurs when I drive on slightly rough roads, at lower speeds (under 50 mph). It sounds like the whole car is going to fall apart, though I've been assured that it's ok.
It gives me a service alarm on the dash board even after my mechanic changed the startermotor and serviced it.Its just quite please help.acts
like something blocking the flow of fuel.
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