2003 Volvo S40 Questions

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Today I learned my 2003 Volvo S 40, purchased used early last year, has a damaged oil pan that some clown repaired with liberal amounts of JB Weld! The damaged and rounded off oil drain plug is now non-removable--no oil changer in town will touch it. Is removing and replacing the oil pan a D.I.Y. job or should I just throw in the towel and take it into a shop? What is involved in the job? I have moderate to semi-advanced mechanical skills but do not want to get into a major tear down in my driveway. Thanks for any useful advice.
The 6 pin connector was cut off the amp wiring and I need to figure out where to solder the wires on the new pin connector
Was in an accident and the front passenger airbag deployed.
I guess there saying because of this, the car will not pass emissions untill we figure this out...
Im thinking something else is not working but the check engine light does not turn on. Code Po420
Catalyst converter Tiiicency below threshold bank 1 (5)
What does it mean please help me figure this out...
Had the belt, fuel pump, rebuilt engine replaced. There was fluid at the bottom of the right front wheel well. The mechanic says the leaked onto the timing belt and it needs to be replaced. I was told that can't be the case because the belt is encased.
My fuel pump in my 2004 Volvo S40 was replaced. Now I am getting less than 15 miles per gallon.
is getting stuck and it won't start. I was almost unable to get the key back to the position where I could remove it as it was sticking then also
Trying to find a replacement part
About once a month, I will go out and try to start my car and the only thing that happens is all the idiot lights come on, radio works, heat, etc. There is no clicking sounds at all. If I wait an hour or so, the car will usually start. Any suggestions on what could be causing this? Is my starting going bad?? Battery issues?? Thanks for any help. Debbie
Not really car smart after about 5 mins a little oil but very slow leak?
the headlight screws all out but can't get it out bumper cover in the way
temperature coming out doesn't change just fan speed
sometimes stalls sometimes corrects itself getting code p0101 and p0326 have cleaned maf changed iac and map new iridium spark plugs any suggestions?fuel press 40psi
I checked the fluid and it registers fluid level at the cold marker after I have driven at least a half mile.
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