2002 Volvo S40 Questions

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The car won't start. It makes a sound when I start it, sounds funny.
Thinking of buying a 2002 Volvo 40s but he dashboard does not work. No gauges or lights work on the dash. Could this be a major problem or just a fuse?
I went to the dealer to have all of the faulty codes reset. They told me that I could just drive it for 50 miles as the drive cycle. The car passed everything except the OBDII based on drive cycle. The dealer will probably charge me again if I go in regarding the failed smog. I need to know if there are any shops that do the DRIVE CYCLE.
can you call me please 336 287 0711 Rochelle
how reap lace ignition coil?
the thermostat seems to work fine i have lots of heat ,i didn't know a LOW temp coolant would trigger a code could this be a sensor ?? any tips ,please and thank you
and reset lite
There are no OBD codes as I have fixed and gotten rid of all the codes that came up. I replaced the timing belt and accessories and timing is dead on, starter is good, alternator is good, battery is good, fuel system is good, replaced many sensors and cleared many codes. Cleared: P0017, P0102, P0122, P0302, P0304, P0314, P0335, P0341, P0351, P0365, P0366, and a few more I had on another list I can't find. The only one I haven't cleared is P0650. Help please because this is our only car and it has been down for 3 weeks now and my wife is chronically ill and I have to be able to take her to her doctor's appointments and for her tests and we have been having to reschedule so I can try to fix this car. Thanks!
it is S40, 1900 cc. regular gear.
brake sensor
I saw previous answer referencing the blower box. How do i access it. I have no idea where it or the cabin filter is located.
Dear experts I have a 2002 Volvo s40 turbo runs and drives find but the engine oil is mixing with the antifreeze the engine oil itself stays clean only going to the antifreze need advice plz my email is thank you
Dear experts I have a 2002 Volvo s40 turbo it runs and drives perfect> no oveheating either the engine oil is clean but the problem is the engine oil is mixing with the antifreeze and like I said the engine oil stay normal need advice plz really appreciate thx
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