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I had this code p0420 for almost 3 years, but the light goes ON and OFF so somehow i passed the emissions, but now it's getting closer again and don't know what to do. I guess it's a air leak, but any ideas how to find and where to look for a air leak? The other code p0299 i have no idea, it's for my turbo, but the turbo works most of the time and sometimes when i push the gas pedal down the turbo don't works, so i am assuming maybe it's a air leak that is causing this two error.
Thank you !
The first thing that happened was that it wouldn't start on the first turn. Then it stalled at a red light - then, I was driving 45 but the car was trying to go 70 - it was like cruise control was on - I had no control of the car. The breaks felt weak. At the same time, my temperature guage was going up to almost the red area and then dropping to the bottom then back up to middle ( normal) - all this was happening within seconds/minutes of each other. The car would calm down and the temp gauge would be normal then, it would accelerate and the guage would react - this went on for 10 miles before I could just park it. The shop replaced the idle air control valve and said it was fixed. I drove it off the lot and with 27 miles it acted the very same way. They have been test driving it for the past week trying to make it 'act up' again but it hasn't done it for them. I will not drive this car until I know the proper part/sensor/module has been replaced! It is too scary and I will have an accident or hit the car in front of me. Can you please help!
The check engine light is back on after replacing the oxygen sensors and driving 40 miles. Now what???
I've been told that these should be done together to save double labor cost.
The weather here recently has been awful (blizzard-like conditions and lots of ice). My Volvo sat for several days un-started and when I went to start it, it wouldn't. I jumped it, got it to the dealer, and they replaced my battery. Since then, however, my car will not heat up. The blower does not blow at all. Any ideas before I dish out some more cash for a ridiculously expensive dealer repair and maintenance?
Whats white smoke coming out of muffler mean.. Not over heating....just started how much for repair
check engine light is on
I have a severe oil leak and the smell of burning oil all the time. How much does it cost to replace the front and rear engine seals?
how can I change burnt out light bulbs in the haeter control knobs
Check engine light is always on. I went to a repair shop who read the computer codes. Bad 02 sensor was read. I had the 02 sensors replaced. Drove the car 80-100 miles and check engine light came one. returned to repair shop and the same code was read.
So I have a problem. About three weeks ago my check engine light came on and the engine misfired while under heavy acceleration. This had happened about 6 months ago and the code had read "Cylinder 3 misfire" since the plugs were only 2 years old and it didn't run rough at idle a mechanic friend of mine had said to run a fuel injector cleaner through it since I couldn't afford to get the injectors professionally cleaned. When it happened this time, with the same code, I tried the same fix and it didn't work. Then the battery died due to my stupidity and since then it has been having difficulty starting at all. When it does start it runs rough. I replaced the plugs and it started making a popping noise (Coming from the engine block). I reseated the wires to see if there was a connection problem and now it won't start at all. I'm going to replace the battery but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions beyond that of what might be wrong. The oil is still a light caramel color and was replaced about 2 months ago so I don't think that is the issue but I don't know. Please help.
The heat works sometimes. When I set the temperature, sometimes the heat will come on and sometimes there is no heat even if I set the temperature all the way up. It always works when I take it to the shop and never when I need it.
when i turn on my car i have to press on the gas for it to stay on, as soon as i remove my foot off the gas in shuts off. my husband replaced the mass air flow sensor and battery but it didnt help. Now we are getting a code of p0451 what should we do?
ecm 28 - keeps comming back i replaced front o2 rear o2 - checked for intake and exhaust leaks none found
Charged around $45 for oil and filter service using semi synthetic oil and labor of around $30. Isn't that too excessive?
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