2001 Volvo S40 Questions

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The battery went dead and it never worked again
When I push the power button it only say off nothing else
Whined when accelerated at first then clouds of white smoke poured from exhaust.. Oil is seen in tailpipe and now car won't move at all when pedal is pushed to floor... Looked up to find turbo return pipe seal is a common problem that would cause this to happen... Looking for an estimated price to fix a problem like this would cost?
I'd like to know where this fuel pressure regulator is located, and about what it looks like. The Site says it's the fuel pressure regulator or the vacuum line attached to it that is causing it to have starting problems. I've had a diagnostic run a couple of times and no codes come up, which, according to this Site, is common. This regulator or the plumbing to it seems to be my problem.
I was told car may need a new starter also told it could be the cylinoid. Dont know anything about need help!!!
in this price you are charging does it include the Radiator? like are you bringing your own radiator?
Just changed my radiator through my intercooler system, and now when i start my car it works fine if my foot stays on the gas but the second i move my foot the car stalls. I had no hang ups in replacing the radiator i had a damaged hose to the overflow tank but took care of that too, I am thinking that maybe one of the vacuum hoses are not on tight enough? It never had a hint of a problem before this and i just started it and moved my car right before i started working on it. Its my only car right now so any advice would be helpful!!!
Timing belt cameoffwhilr driving
Lost power pullled over and towed
it is hard to start after it sits for 5-10 mins helps to give it some gas while cranking
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